The applications

Flake ice: the universal solution for many applications in the food industry, but also for industry, hospitals and leisure!

The applications

  • Fishing and harbour facilites

    Fishing and harbour facilites

    Flake ice: popular in all ports because it is perfect for preserving fish

  • Fish processing

    Fish processing

    Fish and shellfish must be in a perfectly fresh state to be processed into fillets or incorporated into recipes.

  • Aquaculture


    Flake ice: essential for fish as soon as they come out of the water

  • Supermarket - Fish market

    Supermarket - Fish market

    Flake ice perfectly preserves and enhances seafood products

  • Hospitals


    New application: flake ice in hospitals for food distribution trolleys

  • Fruits and vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables

    As soon as they are harvested and during transport, fruit and vegetables are preserved thanks to flake ice

  • Charcuterie and meat

    Charcuterie and meat

    Added in the mixers, flake ice ensures that sausages and meats are not altered

  • Bakery and pastry

    Bakery and pastry

    Flake ice to keep the dough at the perfect temperature

  • Chemistry


    Flake ice can be used to lower the temperature of many chemical solutions

  • Ice for concrete cooling

    Ice for concrete cooling

    Flake ice makes it possible to build durably with quality concrete

  • Leisure


    Flake ice propelled by snow cannons is perfect for both indoor and outdoor ski slopes

  • New applications in 2023 ?

    New applications in 2023 ?

    Flake ice: universal and modern. Many new applications have yet to be invented!

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