Du 14 September 2022 au 30 November 2022

In September 2022, Geneglace is organising a technical seminar with the aim of providing theoretical and practical training for customers (design engineers, planners, ... ) and technicians on Geneglace machines.

This training will take place for 2 days and include various technical presentations (general presentation, machine selection, detailed technical description, implementation and installation as well as technical assistance) + a practical part for the adjustment of the machines.

This session will be the first for the launch of the annual training at GENEGLACE (Yearly training meeting). Technical training already existed before the YTM was set up, but it was different and generally put in place at the request of a particular customer. What changes in this organisation is the possibility of meeting different customers, from various countries, which creates dynamic exchanges within the network of contractors using Geneglace generators.

For information, this first session will gather participants from Israel, Dubai, Portugal, Lebanon, Croatia, Finland, Belarus and Norway.

It should be noted that the Geneglace network is very keen on this form of training, as 5 participants have already been unable to attend the 2022 session, forcing us to postpone registration until 2023.

If you are interested, to participate to the 2023 YTM do not hesitate to contact us at :


Location address


Zac de la Foret - 9 Rue des Orfevres

44840 Les Sorinieres